AXiom Runic Intitation

Date and time of the initiation ritual was based on my personal horoscope and a special constellation of the day.... at the daytime of the following ritual the moon was in conjunction with Pluto.


- Mixing an incense to support the meditation and the entering of astral space.
- Gathering all things that were to be used in the ritual:
* dark-blue candle
* runewand
* shamanic drum
* hematite stone
* small incense caudron, piece of flat coal, firematches
* selecting background music

The ritual:

1. lighting the candle

2. burning the coal with some of the incense on it

3. playing the background music

4. sitting upright, starting some minutes with calm breathing

5. taking the hematite in my hand

6. ten minute meditating about the goal of the ritual

7. entering the 'place of silence' in the meditation

8. about three seconds of no-thinking

9. building my 'halo'; a reflecting shield all around me, which reflects every kind of energy from outside, and which keeps all kinds of energy which are inside the 'halo' inside.

10. visualizing the rune Sowilo: first the black form, which becomes slowly yellow and starts filling the halo with energy

11. as the moment is reached, that there's so much energy within the halo, that an implosion is near, I fill the energy with my words: "Yes, I will know, i'm part of the matrix."

12. Then, suddenly, I withdraw the halo, the energy explodes and is spread widely through astral space;

13. while I'm shouting the same words, I implemented before in the energy: "Yes, I will know, i'm part of the matrix";

14. while I'm hitting the drum one time to 'subscribe'. For a short moment, the astral rumours disappear, and a voice askes: "Why?" My answer: "because it is my Will". and the reply: "if it is your Will, then it is okay." The astral rumours appear again, and I withdraw myself from there, not after noticing, there'a a lot of 'traffic' there.

15. Thinking back of what's happended, I start laughing for at least two minutes, the laughing rises, until I feel my stomache. After calming down, I drink a glass of very fine german red wine. The ritual is ended, cleaning up things are still to do.

By the way, the last title of the selected music was the song "Starway to heaven" from Led Zeppelin. :-)

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