Demand legalization and proper government regulation of psychic vampyrism, sex drugs, ritual sacrifices, surreptitious LSD usage and other Satanic activities, including those pracitices deemed both sinister and benign!

Satanism can be used positively for personal and spiritual growth, creativity enhancement, better physical and mental health, and a happier sex life. We should feel free to abuse Xtians; free to endanger our own as well as other people's lives, health, and careers if it furthurs our Satanic agenda! If you do practice Satanism, use spells and curses wisely and ruthlessly regardless of feigned pracitices of altruism and civility. Educate yourself about proper lethal doses, intervals, paracitizing techniques via Black Magick Publications on the WWW ! If you pracitice Setianism, Satanism or any other form of Black Magickal art, consider whether your goals for such use are effectivly manifesting. Make sure that you can be proud of your Satanic practices !!!

Stand up for our unalienable Rights Life, Liberty, and the
Pursuit of Individual Infernal Devildom!!!

Help make the month of April "INTERNATIONAL SATANIC PRIDE MONTH"

This publication will be updated monthly; attempting to document the activities that Satanic Pride will be promulgating in the quest to include "Lex Talionis" in a newly written declaration for the United Nations General Assembly, meeting in March 1999 to commerate the 1st International Symposium on Cultural Diversity and Freedom of Religious Expression.

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