Demonizing and destroying limitations


Cultures at all level of organization find themselves, from time-to-time, overwhelmed or held back from progression by one particular "sin" or another. Of course, there are no sins, save but the subversion of the True Will by an individuals conscious decisions. But the mob being the mob will make a "sacrifice" (to be read murder) to rid itself of that limiting characteristic. Tsk, tsk.

In Magick we face the same limitations, whether individually or in a group. Things arise which detain us from our practice. Group members are late, unprepared, disruptive, etc. thus causing discord and ill will - great distractions to the practice!

This rite is designed to allow individuals (usually in a group setting) to gain insight into what is holding them back from progressing magically. The focus can be an element of yourself which is holding you back, or an element you find is prohibiting full group experience.


You will call forth the major demon preventing you from moving forward magickally and find what it needs to be put to rest. The inherent danger lies in that you have no control over what that demon may ask of you!

Items needed:

- An already lit fire
- A beach to do this at!
- Kindling sticks
- A felt tip pen.

The Rite:

1. All sit in a circle around an already lit fire. Have materials at hand.

2. MO proclaims the statement of intent, all recite after each line:

It is our Will
To identify, name, and destroy
Our Greatest Demon
Preventing us from progressing Magickly

3. Starting with the MO and progressing to the left, each operant vocalizes the following while staring into the fire:


(Come, Daemon)

This proceeds around the circle, each operant taking their turn immediately after the operant before them. During this time let the mind float and observe the images of your demon.

The MO will stop the circular chanting after a period of time (5 - 10 minutes.)

4. Taking the information gleaned from step 3, create a sigil of the demon in the sand before you. When completed, transfer the sigil to your stick of kindling wood. Place the sigilized demon into the ground, much like a tombstone, in front of you, facing you.

5. Once all sticks are in place, the MO says, and the group repeats:

It is our will to be free of you!
What do you require?

Silence follows. All enter gnosis of the answer through hyperventilation.

6. Once gnosis has been achieved by each individual, as they are ready, take up their demon in their left hand and say to it:

It is time for you to die
Burn well and return no more.
I will give you what you need!

Then throw your demon into the fire

7. Banish with laughter.

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