The purpose of this ritual is to self-evaluate oneself, unless it is to be used by a temple or other group to evaluate itself. Much can be learned via this ritual if done with strong intent, and the information may be useful to yourself and any other(s) you wish to share it with. It is also helpful in starting a new project in such a way that you could by the "FOOL", and have all potential even if you are unaware about your new venture.

Materials Needed:

Some sheets of paper of any color are needed. If multiple participants are performing this ritual, they should come to a mutual agreement on the color to be used. Make a sigil stating "Who am I?" and put it on a corner of every sheet of paper. Then, cover the sheet with questions about the past, present and future. I would recommend that you use one sheet of paper each for past, present and future, asking around ten questions on each. Do not answer them at this point nor think about them, just ask. You will also need a pen, an incense that you feel best represents you, and a candle of the appropriate color (i.e., matched to the color of the paper used). This act will be known as a divination ritual. Any divination tool desired.

Statement of Intent:

It is my will to obtain knowledge of myself!

The Rite:

0. Begin to think back as far as you can toward your birth. Spend time meditating/not thinking about your past. After you've reached Gnosis, begin to look at the first of your questions about the past, and then look at your divinatory tool as you ask each question. Now form your answer to the question.

1. Repeat in turn with the questions about the present and future.

2. Banish, and then review your answers.

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