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  • Circle of life

  • This site is an online and ongoing encyclopedia on the beauty of the earth. There is lots of information about how to help protect the earth.
  • Spirit Dreamers Soul Clinic

  • You may be a Spirit Dreamer. Do you do "remember" how to do things you have never done before? Is there a longing and a passion to discover your own Soul? Join us on the Spirit Dreamer's quest.
  • Spirit Eagle's Mountain Aerie

  • A welcoming place of peace and healing, a place to visit with the poet and to be still.
  • Woman Who Run With The Wolves

  • My guides are wolf and eagle, this is my way of bringing me to the center of the spirit, as it was meant to be !
  • Spitit Fathers Children

  • My pages are about nature, mostly wolves.As a native american I firmly believe in saving our wilderness for the animals which live there.
  • sacred circle of the kindred

  • we are primarily a teaching site offering "free" online classes, along with chat rooms and a onelist. the site offers great graphics and educational material
  • Church of DeLight

  • The Church of DeLight is dedicated to the experiential spiritual practice. It relies on faith that the truth will be revealed to all, if only we listen. It promotes compassion for all beings, and seeks to heal ourselves and then the earth as we enter the new millenium.
  • morningstar flower and vibrational essences

  • Shamanic essences for personal and planetary transformation and healing.
  • Soul Quest

  • Soul Quest is a spiritual teaching site which uses shamanics methods. We promote universal responsibility and awareness and oneness with all of our universal and earthly brothers and sisters in Nature.
  • The Path of the White Rose

  • Spiritual, healing art by channeler, artist and metaphysical teacher Eileen Smith. Beautiful, channeled works of art. Totem animals, spirit guides, nature spirits, Spirit Art gallery. Alonya's Page question/answer forum with a high Master guide. Channeled meditation tapes.
  • Moon Tree's Celtic Shamanism

  • This is a new traditional Celtic Shaman web site with an indepth FAQ.
  • HealingAngel

  • This site is dedicated to help all those in need of one of God's greatest gifts......the gift of healing! "Ask and you shall recieve"
  • The world of Wolfspirit

  • Help save the wolves in Yellowstone and Alaska, learn facts about endangered species or learn about herbal concoctions. Take a spiritual journey with me or tour my mystical castle.
  • Dolphin's Eye homepage.

  • This is my Wiccan homepage, I'm a teenager and I live in Israel. In my homepage I have parts of my personal Book of Shadows, Witchcraft basics, and much more.
  • Circle of Light

  • A spiritual site to visit to gain peace of mind. Psychic channeling counseled by three angels. FREE: contest/drawing, numerology, astrology charts, angelcards & weekly horoscopes. We have a Healing &/or Prayer Circle for those in need.
  • Techno-Shamanistic Thoughts

  • A mental playground where technology and mind combine in wonderful ways... Healing the tribe called man!
  • Swampy's Place

  • Animal Spirits


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