1. Part One:

Shamanic Totem Journey.

Visualization: Totemic transformations can be useful in contacting different aspects of our own psyche. They can also be useful in shamanic work dealing with different animal forms themselves, within the living fabric of our diverse biosphere, creating powerful links with other life energies and enhancing the potential of interspecies communication. They can be symbolically used for invoking different energies or "God Forms", or confronted directly in the form of atavisms from within the "akashic" records of our own DNA. These atavisms can take the form of different visions or become lycanthropic journeys of transformation and metamorphisis.

A. S O I: To achieve visualization and transformation/metamorphisis using one of our "Totemic animal forms"

B. Acheive gnosis through excitatory/inhibitory methods: Chemignosis recommended.

C. Open by whatever centering excercises one feels comfortable with , grounding oneself with the elemental forces.

D. Relax, find a comfortable position; preferably either sitting or laying down.

E. Begin with eyes closed by visualizing the room you are in. Imagine a large eyeball beginning to grow from your own "third eye". Shrink this eyeball down to an eye about the size of one of your own. Open your eyes and look up at the ceiling. Project this small "eye' up on the ceiling of the room. As you look into this "eye" on the ceiling, imagine it to be a reflection of your own eye. Recognize the similarities between the eye on the ceiling and your own. As soon as you see/feel a familiar stare looking back at yourself, try and recognize the animal or creature/demon who also has the same eye. Visions of creatures of various forms may arise. Try and match one with the reflection of the eyeball you are resonating with. Upon the moment of peak recognition/resonance, imagine seeing out of this other "eye." Instantly let this "eyeball" expand , growing in size until it encompasses the entire room that you are in. Once inside this "eye' you will actually be able to merge with the "totemic conciousness" of whatever life form/forms you may have envisioned.

Continue to achieve communication/communion in the form of sensory or kinesthetic links, such as:

1. Visualize youself in the natural evnvironment of the life form/energy you are merging with.

2. Allow yourself' to "transform" and or undergo metamorphisis with the new consciousness of the totemic energy.

Enjoy your time in this totemic journey and glean whatever residual intelligence or other traits you wish to download from your new 'friend". Try and see this totemic journey as being a product of many worlds combining to create the vast ocean of chaos we call "self". F. Banish with laughter

This ritual can also be used in any invocation for interfacing with other frequencies of conciousness.

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