Sociomancy is the name we have given to the concept of divining by a purely social means. This can be accomplished in many ways, but we have found it most effective with an actual question and set steps that lead to the answer.

Materials needed:

Pen, Paper (for Sigils), and a die ( single dice!).

The Rite as It has been Performed:

0. Space Opening/Banishing along with statement of intentions " We Will Divine By Sociomancy"

1. Create a Sigil of individual question(s) and Charge Sigil as to be able to recall it easily.

2. Reach Gnosis by appropriate means that are part of the trip to chosen Social place, or by some sort of activity at Place.

Example 1 - Gnosis can be reached by driving/riding to Place while doing breathing technique and visualizing Sigil.

Example 2 - Gnosis can be reached by Dancing at a club and visualizing Sigil, or Swimming, or Staring into a glass...

3. Once Gnosis state is ON find a suitable place to roll Dice and roll to determine What person (Number) will answer Question.

4. Roam into social atmosphere randomly as if you just got to place and see what happens. If a 4 was rolled then the fourth person that is a verbal encounter will tell answer to your question. Obviously if a person knows few people in this place or if they are not very openly social they will need to work a little bit. All doing or reading this Rite are encouraged to alter at will and share experiences with the Guild.

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