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Sons of Darkness

An imaginary friend not constrained by the elements of time, place or any other "natural" law, able to perform tasks in the past present or future. The "son" may be a daughter or pet animal, too, and I would appreciate any commentaries related to variations on this experiment.

It can be used as an envoy, a fetch, an enchantment, a friend. Since this is an imaginary friend, it is not necessary to "kill" it should your tastes change in regards to it’s demeanor or physical attributes; it can assume any form you fancy. It is better to kill it than to let it lie dormant and forgotten, for it shall make it’s presence known in quite unexpected and inconvenient ways once birthed if neglected. The ritual of consecration is followed by a list of preparatory elements and the steps needed to communicate with the SoD magically.

The Ritual of Consecration:

00.   Develop an imaginary friend (the SoD). Give him/her/it a name, physical attributes, and general demeanor. Create a written description and visualize interaction with the SoD.
0.   Find or create a small item as his "base". Consecrate the physical base in the four elements using the following as a bare-bones structure. The more sexual the totemic imagery is, the better. You are "giving life" to this progeny.
1.   In complete darkness, turn to the northern quadrant of your working area. Holding the base in your writing hand, call upon the SoD by his name, quietly. Imagine his shape, sleeping as if dead, beside you. Tell him you are going to give him life, awaken him, in a hushed, compassionate tone.
2.   Light the candle.
3.   (This step is repeated in each Quarter.)
Stare into the totemic imagery of this quarter as you raise your hands to the sky. Call upon the elements of the quarter to aid the working and include the manifesting phrase for each as suggested. Inhale deeply throughout.
4.   NORTH Spit into the palm that holds the base. Pluck a hair and affix to the spit & base. My body is now part of yours. Include the words "I give you strength and endurance."
5.   Turn to your left, to the western quarter, and perform step 3.
WEST Draw a drop of blood and drip upon the base/spit/hair. My blood is now part of yours. Include the words "I give you understanding and intuition."
6.   Turn to your left and perform step 3.
SOUTH Include the words "I give you vision and power." Begin masturbation, holding your breath from start to finish utilizing whatever means necessary. A deep inhalation, smear the base with the resultant fluid and move immediately to the left, the east.
7.   EAST Breath out upon the base and call upon the eastern quarter to bless and aid this operation. Include the words "I give you breath, and voice."

Once the SoD is awakened by this method, it is advisable to carry the base with you for a short time to determine if the working actually "worked". You should be able to feel a palpable presence attached to the talisman immediately. If you do not, destroy the base (or set it in a bowl of salt for a week or more) and try again with another.


  1. A physical base
    The Son of Darkness has a talisman as a physical base. Found, created, or purchased, it should be small enough to be fit in the jar and then carried in a pocket.

  2. Totemic imagery for the four corners (my personal ones are at the end of this page)

  3. A Candle, placed in the north quarter of your working space, beside it’s corresponding totemic imagery.

  4. A knife or other blood drawing implement, like a lancet, available from drug stores.

  5. Incense papers
    Potassium Nitrate (Saltpeter) is available by special order from any drugstore. A four ounce bottle of the powder will last a long, long time and costs about $2. At a ratio of 1 part powder and 10 parts (very warm) water, mix until the granules are completely dissolved. Tear some paper (recycled is best, but any paper made with few additives and absorbent will do) into 2" squares, dipping these into the saltpeter mix until thoroughly soaked, then hang or put on a plate in a microwave for a minute or two to dry.

  6. Sigil
    Create a sigil for the first task of your Son of Darkness. The symbol, created from a simple sentence, should be as simple a line as possible, while still retaining an element of uniqueness. This sigil is then transferred onto one of the incense paper squares.

  7. A smooth clear jar
    The jar should be large enough to contain the physical base of your Son of Darkness when turned upside down, set atop and enveloping it.

Tasking: A still or windless environment is essential

  1. Develop a linear sigil and draw it upon a square of incense paper.
  2. Place the totemic elements about your working area, in the corresponding quadrants.
  3. At each corner, call upon the elements of the totems to aid the mission’s intent.
  4. In the east (the final quarter), light the ensigilized incense paper thoroughly, so it will burn completely. It’s advisable to try this beforehand, to be sure you’ve made the papers properly. Hold the glass jar above the burning paper, ensuring that most (if not all) the smoke rises into it.
  5. Move the jar atop the SoD base and let it remain there until the smoke dissipates (an hour or two).
  6. Carry the base until the task is completed.


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Earth Water Fire Air
Bes Tiamat Ah Bolon Dzacab Loki
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Asshole, bone Mouth, eye Penis, hand Nipple, ear/nose
Shit Blood, saliva, piss Semen, sweat Breath

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