A Yellow Magic Ceremony


The purpose of this working is to get the greatest gift the gods could give us; to see ourselves as others see us. It requires a good deal of preparation beforehand. The basic idea behind this is that it is nearly impossible for a person to get an objective viewpoint of their identity from within, as preconception of one's own being get in the way; most of us tend to go about with a rather idealized vision of who we are. This is, in fact, a method of cheating ourselves, for we miss our strengths and fail to attack our weaknesses in doing this.

Through this working, we will project the point of view outward via the use of a type of magical mirror, and by doing so hope to catch a glimpse of our "true" selves.

Materials Needed:

- Two identical mirrors of about 3" x 3", 6" x 6", or 9" x 9"
- A recent photograph of oneself (no more than 9 months old)
- A few drops of blood (or other bodily fluids)
- A square of yellow silk

Constructing Your Magickal Mirror:

1. On a 3 " x 3 " square of yellow paper, draw the solar planetary sigil on one side and the kamea of sol on the other. Charge this as you would charge any sigil, using the bodily fluids to anoint it.

2. Glue the planetary sigil to the back of the photograph, so that the kamea faces outward. It is best to use an organic-based glue for this, or wax (which is best of all). Then, glue the photograph in between the two mirrors, so that you have a sandwich of mirrors with the photograph and sigil between.

3. In the hour of Sol, on a Sunday, rub the mirrors with the silk while in full, bright sunlight, while speaking the following Enochian words of power:

Bazodemelo i ta pi-ripesonu olanu na-zodavabebe ox.
Casaremeji varanu caflisa vaugeji das aberameP
balatoha: goho IAD. Soba miame tarianu ta lolacis
Fibaivoninu od azodia)iere riore.
lrelila cahisa da das paaox busada Caosago, das
cahisa od ipuranu telocahe caureji o-isalamahe lonucaho
od Vovina carebaZe? nllSO! bagile avavago gohon.
nllSO! bagile momao siaionu, od mabezoda IXD
oi asa-momare poilape. nUASH! Zodameranu ciaoEi caosago
od belioresa od coresi ta a beramili.

4. Wrap the mirror in the yellow silk and leave it where the sun will fall upon it during the day, and leave it exposed to yellow light (from a candle or incandescent bulb) during the night. It must be kept so exposed for at least nine days with no lapse (i.e., it should always be bathed in yellow light or sunlight, and never left in darkness or light of other colors). At the hour of Sol on each day, and only during the hour of Sol, unwrap it and rub the mirror again with the silk while repeating the aforementioned words of power.

5. On the day when the following rite is performed, dress yourself in yellow clothing and anoint your forehead with oil of verbena. The rite should be performed under yellow lights of some sort only.

The Rite:

-1. Before this rite is undertaken, the participant(s) who will be within the nonagon should fast for a minimum of 36 hours, eating no food and drinking only water. Drugs of any kind must also not be used for this period.

0. A banishing/opening rite is performed.

1. A regular nine-sided polygon is drawn either upon a yellow surface, or on a different colored surface with yellow paint or ink, as follows:

A B C D E F G H I (at the edges of a nonagon)

At the places indicated by letters, write the following words;

A - Apollo; B - Balder; C - Choronzon; D - Daarnizhaan;
E - Ego; F - Surya; G - Ghandharva; H - Helios;
I - Ilwath (Ilwath being a mantric form of "I will that...").

The words should be written so that the bottoms of the letters face (but do not touch) the sides of the nonagon.

2. The worker steps to the center of the nonagon and says;

(I am I; I will to look within)

3. Those who are outside the nonagon should chant "fach" over and over again, with enough volume to drown out the voice of the one within, no matter how loud they get.

4. The worker within the nonagon now unwraps the mirror and stares intently into it. Hishi will concentrate intently upon the center of the mirror only, and will blink as little as possible, until tunnel vision or a cloudiness covers everything except the mirror.

5. The worker now repeats the following words nine times:

"The greatest gift the gods can give me,
To see myself as others see me."

6. Hishi imagines hir reflection is hirself, and vice versa. It is the reflection that performs all of the actions that the worker performs; hishi endeavors to see this reflection as hirself, and sees it doing hir job, eating, sleeping, making love, etc.

7. When the worker cannot readily see anymore roles that hishi performs, hishi closes hir eyes and begins repeating;

(That thou art)

8. When this latter repetition is begun, the others present begin shouting out incoherencies and nonsequitors of various types.

9. The worker within, meanwhile, continues the mantra until a state of no-mind is reached. At this point, hishi opens hir eyes again and projects onto the mirror a visualization of hirself crowned and glorified, like a king or queen.

10. Hishi now wraps the mirror back in the yellow silk and addresses those without the nonagon, saying:

"FACH EACH! I am I; I am perfect in my imperfection; I am infinite but bounded; I am consistent in my contradictions; FACH EACH! All else is madness!"

11. All without the nonagon taunt and laugh at the worker within the nonagon, who protests for a moment and then joins in their laughter.

12. Banish by laughter.

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