A Rite of the Spring Equinox


The winter is a time during which nature stores and conserves energy, often in a cryptic form. During spring the stored, hidden energy is brought out into the open and used to organisms' purposes. A sprouting occurs, a germination into a new form. Humans are organisms which follow such cycles too, consciously or unconsciously.


The purpose of this rite is to allow hidden resources to become available, the current form 'sprouts', the growing self is realized and integrated, and the `new' self is set off on its merry way!


The rite begins from the point of recognizing the latent energy. This is symbolized by a vegetable, which is after all, the way in which a plant stores energy until the time is rite to grow and reproduce. Upon `sprouting' the `new' form is realized , being imbibed with the released energy. The realization in this rite is done by means of concentrating separately upon the seven traditional Egyptian parts of one's being separately and then integrating these. These seven parts are:

1. SAHU: the remains, the body
2. SEKHEM: the tech, breath of life, physical life force
3. KHU: angel, consciousness
4. REN: director, the hidden or secret name, observer
5. BA: heart, passion, arete
6. KHAIBIT: shadow, memory, continuity
7. KA: the double/soul

They are arranged here in a manner to suggest a bottom up organization, i.e. one builds on top of another in a progression. Water is used for anointing because it is the source and necessary part of all life as we know it.

The Rite:

1. Statement of intent:

"It is our will to germinate, differentiate, and compile."

2. Take a vegetable, (carrot, potato, onion, etc.), and hold it outstretched in front of you. Say:

"I have been protected during this winter,
but I am like the potato, I have stored.
I have strength which I poses
but I am like the onion, I am layered."

3. Bury the vegetable. Crouch over the spot, knees brought to chest, arms folded over them, forehead resting upon arms, and visualize yourself as the buried vegetable.

4. Maintain the position, and say:

"That which in me is dormant must now arise.
It is spring, I release into action.
I stretch up to the light of the sun!"

Visualize yourself sprouting forth from the ground, become a vital, growing being, turning your dormant stored self into an active form.

5. Say:

"It is our will to unfold and unite
the elements of my being to use this energy."

Unfold and stand up, stretching upwards.

6. Looking up say:

"Let the Shining Ones not have power over me as I grow
May the children of Set hold back the scythe
As I unfold and become one with these selves
I rise as Osiris, may the Ennead protect this sapling."

7. Anoint your feet with water. Say:

"I start from you, my SAHU, my body.
I am born into you upon conception.
You are the root and beginning of my being.
I take sustenance from you!"

Visualize energy being drawn up through your feet. Become fully aware of the physical sensations of your body.

8. Anoint your heart with water. Say:

"I live from you, my SEKEM,
my physical life force. I am alive by you.
You are the organs of my being.
I take life from you!"

Visualize energy spreading from your heart. Feel your heart pumping, the blood pushing through your veins.

9. Anoint your forehead with water. Say:

"I know from you, my KHU, my consciousness.
I am aware from you upon awakening.
You are the stem of my being.
I take information as you!"

Visualize energy spreading from the center of your forehead. Contemplate your knowledge of self.

10. Anoint your eyes with water. Say:

"I see from you, my REN, my observer.
I record all that is my life by your power.
You are the plan of my being.
I take my secret name as you!"

Visualize energy spreading from your eyes. Realize for yourself a secret name, by which you shall record and realize the plan you enact.

11. Anoint your genitals with water. Say:

"I act from you, my BA, my passion.
I am enflamed by your presence.
You are the flower of my being.
I take inspiration from you!"

Visualize energy spreading from your genitals. Clear your head of thought and allow emotive, intuitive passion for endeavors and relationships fill you.

12. Anoint your belly with water. Say:

"I integrate as you, my KHAIBIT, my memory.
I am made continuous by your persistence.
You are the child of my being.
I take my past/future from you!"

Visualize energy spreading from your belly. Digest a memory from your recent past and link it to another memory.

13. Drink from the water. Say:

"I am reflected as you, my KA, my double.
I am made whole by you.
You are the magician of my being.
I take truth from you!"

Visualize yourself before you, bathed in light. Walk this image into you.

14. Begin to circle clockwise chanting:


until you fall. Scream:

"I am whole, I have germinated"

15. Laughter closing.

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