An Opening Rite


In Ancient Egyptian mythology, one of the more prevalent images in the after-life stories is that of the heart being weighed against the feather of the truth by the god Anubis -- i.e., the Judgment of the deceased. The heart -- as in many ancient mythologies -- was seen as a very mystically significant organ. Conversely, the brain, in ancient Egyptian mythologies, was pretty much seen as a trivial organ. In the mummification process, the brain was extracted from the head cavity by use of a hook and tossed away while most of the other viscera was extracted and preserved in jars.

In modern mythology and anatomy, the brain has acquired far more significance. Metaphorically, it is the seat of the intellect, of knowledge, of wisdom. Assuming that a goodly many magickal rites are ultimately seeking knowledge or "enlightenment," this rite combines the Egyptian Scales metaphor with the brain metaphor in an opening rite that blatantly claims that we are worthy vessels for knowledge.

Materials Needed:

The Ritual:

0. On one side of the Scales lies the Book of Stuff. The other side is presently empty.

1. The M.O. acts as Priest/Priestess. The participants gather in a semi-circle around the Scales. The M.O. approaches each participant in turn and asks:

"What dost thou seek?"

The participant replies,

"I seek Knowledge!"

2. The M.O., with the ritual dagger, pantomimes opening up the top of the head and removing the brain and tosses "it" on the other side of the Scales. This is repeated until all the participants' brains (including those of the person acting of the Scales and the M.O.'s) are on the Scales.

3. The M.O. approaches the Scales and adjusts the Scales, so that they balance. While the M.O. does this, all participants chant:

"Let the weighing be within us!"

4. The M.O. announces:

"It is done. By the proof of these scales,
it is for all to see that we are worthy vessels for the Book of Stuff!"

5. Everyone rejoices, happy huzzahs are shouted, and everyone banishes by laughter and joyousness.

Now, go learn some Stuff.

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