A Ritual Which Creates Outlets for Money and Success in Business


The purpose of this rite is not to create or bring forth money/success. However, it is to create an outlet for success, so that "Blue Magic" can be performed with better results in the future.


You will need a paper plate, some crackers, bread or some type of food as fruit. Put one of the above on the plate for each person participating. The person who eats the food-sacrament does not have to be present, but let them know what the sacrament is for before handing it out. Make sigils upon the plate to indicate that it is your will to create outlets for money, success, etc. You may also add sigils for success in relationships, etc.

Write a sigil which states, "It is our will to be successful in, and create outlets for (your desires). Put this sigil on the middle of the plate. Also make a sigil for each individual's desires, and put those sigils around the edge of the plate.

The Rite:

0. Statement of Intent:

"It is our will to create success and outlets for (desires)."

1. For each desire stated above, spin the plate as you say it aloud.

2. Each participant will be holding an item of the food-sacrament, which are to be passed around as the group chants:


3. After each individual has attained Gnosis, hishi will lay hir food item on the plate.

4. A Main Operator says/invokes:

"As the season of prosperity folds
and the winter grows cold,
and my world seems to come to an end
let a new life begin."

5. All respond:



The foodstuff is eaten by those present, and is saved for anyone who may not be present at the actual working.

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