The purpose of this ritual is to scramble three personas randomly, access them by walking through a gateway and interact in character within the party. Its effects are experimental and meant to reveal limitations of the personas within a "real" social context. Each participant will be able to experience each persona and people at the party will interact with them. The limitations of interacting with defined personas will be revealed. The effects will be to stir up Chaos and experiment as well as inspiring us to flow beyond the roles. This rite was inspired by an exercise in Truth or Dare, by Starhawk and adapted for Chaos workings.

Materials Needed:

- Dice

Statement of Intent:

"lt is our will to experiment with personas, stir up Chaos, and flow beyond limitations".


1. Open a Vortex. Let the dice decide which persona to be first. 15 minutes will be designated for each persona to interact within the party.

2. Secure a private space for a "gateway" visualization. Strongly visualize Stonehenge type structures with a symbol on top which represents the persona. When a strong visualization is achieved, walk through them saying the Charm of Making three times:


3. When you walk back through the gateway you will be that persona; go interact in the party. After 15 minutes you will go back through that gateway to become yourself before going through the second and third gateways. The process is the same with 15 minutes in the persona. We will say "AP" (A word for change in Barbaric and "Change". The personas are as follows:

- A shy socially insecure person
- An elitist
- A revolutionary

4. Everyone will experience all three personas. When everyone has done so we will come back and discuss our experiences. The idea is to stir up Chaos and have fun but not be offensive to the people in the party.

5. Banish with laughter.

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