The Night Syawedis

An interpretation of "The Night Backwards" by Tom Verlaine and Patty Smith

Tantra respects little, for the essence of tantra is "otherness"; the backward, the taboo, the dangerous. The following rite has been produced "backwards," its banishing at the beginning and its statement of intent at the end, but this is semantics. It seeks to wake and disorder the senses for its focus to be all that more difficult to attain.


  1. All participants develop their statement of intent and both a mantric and linear (drawn) sigil of the same. It specifies the Vow at the end.
  2. A tape of 30 to 45 minutes is prepared, with
    1. silence,
    2. real funk (like Parliament - James Brown - Spring Heel Jack) followed by
    3. radio-like static which begins quietly and grows in intensity,
    4. then finally a CLICK spaced every few seconds to the end.
  3. A Yantra or focussing symbol is decided, the parts of which are assigned to each member of the working group.
  4. The working space is arranged: a pitcher or thermos of hot coffee/espresso and another of warmed brandy is placed in the center along with a plate of raw oysters (or any significant food), and each participant gathers a saucer of powdered sugar, a lemon slice, a match book, a bowl of sand dyed a color different than all others and a short handle-less mug. A well-stocked kitchen or a trip to the Thirfts is recommended.
  5. Heat Brandy (not cognac) and sweeten coffee if you like.

Here are the steps:

Silence (The Cafˇ Br˛lot Cocktail):
Each participant sits cross-legged.
Before each is the saucer of powdered sugar and one of sand, a matchbook, lemon and glass.
Silence and stillness are attained.
The lemon slice is rubbed about the rim.
The rim is dipped in the powdered sugar.
Three parts Coffee is poured in the glass.
One part Brandy is floated atop the Coffee and lighted with a match (or two).

Note: you will be slamming this concoction, rumored to be the "starter" drink of Dashwood's Hellfire Club, so go easy of the portion you take!

The fire is extinguished with hand clapping and laughter. The cocktail is gulped down.

Firing (The Music Begins):
Participants should dance, alone and together, (or may opt to stand in a posture like the othala rune) until the song ends and the static on the tape begins.

Power (The Static Begins):
The food is eaten while each participant chants their mantric sigil. Don't giggle or vomit while your mouth is full if you can refrain from it, as both actions are somewhat contagious.

Focus (The Click Begins):
Each participant picks up the bowl of sand and draws their assigned piece of the chosen yantra in turns determined by the "click" in a counter-clockwise mode. Once completed, they stand and turn outwards from the center of the circle. Ours became:

+ + =

Each yogin(i) begins, "It is my Will (insert your Statement of Intent here)" and the ritual ends.

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