Introduction: Boiling the Water and Invitin' Friends

"The level of entropy is the degree of disorder in a given system. This is the reverse of the degree of information that is present. Hence negentropy is the build-up of information, increase of meaning."
-- E.E.Rehmus

"There is a growing tendency in any closed part of the universe... for disorder (called 'entropy') to expand at the price of order (called 'negentropy')."
-- G.Zukav

The following ritual is intended to facilitate negentropick expansion in one's general field of experience. Basically, meaning/information = negentropy and confusion/static = entropy. When events occur `out of the blue' in a curiously negative, concurrent, and unexplainable sequence it is entropy expressing itself. Negentropy (negative-entropy), the reverse of this process, would be the addition of information to the system, and perhaps increase the possibilities of anticipating disaster and unwanted experiences in order to make the necessary changes to avert them.

The ritual employs a "Negentropy Teabag", which will be used in conjunction with a daily enchantment mantra for the duration of the working. One possible monogram for the purposes of the rite is made up of the symbol for Mercury (communication and information), Libra (balance and adjustment), and Thurisaz (the catalyst of change and directed force).

Patient: "What is medicine for my entropick ills?"
Doktor: "It is Orange, in Scale, with Thorn."

(a sigil made of the combined symbols for mercury, libra, and the rune thurisaz)


In a Temple situation, stones are prepared with the sigil engraved upon them. These stones will be put in any liquid to be imbibed as a sacrament for the Negentropy Enchantment Mantra. The ritual also uses an elixir sacrament made of a Vodka base with Yarrow, Red Sandalwood, and Star Anise to consecrate the stones and begin the working. The ingredients used in this Elixir are traditionally attributed to the divined "cure" as stated above.

The Rite:

000. All participants yell or scream as loudly as possible whilst a visualization is built up of a static electrical field surrounding themselves, becoming so thick as to cause suffocation. (This visualization may be assisted by each participant thrashing about sluggishly in the working area.)

00. The main operator yells "FOTCHPANG!" (Order!) and all participants cease the scream, visualizing as they do that the level of static has lessened dramatically or ceased altogether at the cry of the MO.

0. Statement of Intent: "It is our will to reverse the effects of entropy from within and from without, and to consecrate these stones as Negentropick Teabags."

1. Invocation (said aloud by all):

We herald the remission of Entropy!
A phase of decay and confusion is at an end!
Information springs forth into us!

We invoke the Courage
to terminate that which is not in our design

We invoke the Wisdom to see
the Force of Entropy for what it is:
Events that control our living of
Life in restrictive ways

We invoke the Strength
to repel the stasis of our Will!

2. Add raw ingredients to Vodka in a cup. Stir (with wand) and intone:

(Empower this Elixir with my Will!)

3. Plunge dagger into cup and shout:

(Shape this Elixir!)

4. Chant the Negentropy Enchantment Mantra with single-minded attention as the mixture is poured through a filter paper with the sigil drawn upon it, over the stones, which sit in a bowl to catch the elixir:

(Come change that rejects the attack of Entropy)

Continue the mantra until this is completed. This mantra will be used in future, when using the Negentropy Teabag (the stone itself) for spells.

5. The Elixir is then passed to all participants and drunk from the bowl. The stones are then taken up by each for later use, unlike most traditional teabags. (When used later, the stone is held high overhead and the NEM recited loudly. The Negentropy Teabag, or stone, is then placed into the bottom of a glass and any liquid chosen poured over it and drunk. Alternatively, the stone may be sucked on, rather than immersed in a liquid, for sperm-of-the-moment needs.)

6. Laughter banishing, and of course toast or crackers.

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