A Ritual of the Long Dark Night Of The Soul


This ritual may be difficult to perform (at first) without 8 or more hours of conscious preparation. It employs senso-memory replay, and elixir work, for the benefit of the participant and the cursing of a pre-determined target. Each participant should draw upon the strongest & deepest recesses of their memory which portray hurt, frustration, conflict, and anxiety or guilt. This is intended to produce a somatic expression, in sweat and/or tears.

Materials Needed:

- A dagger
- A piece of black cloth manipulated or folded in such a way that it represents your curse-target.

The Rite:

0. Each participant is led through a sequence of relaxation / visualization preliminaries by the Main Operator. This oftentimes takes the form of "the elevator ride down" or kabalistic "x" type light / energy centering exercizes. It involves deep & slow breathing from the abdomen.

1. Statement Of Intent:

It is my will to create the Elixer of Tears to cleanse myself and return the grief to him/her/they/it that offered it to me.

2. Each participant now replays a memory to elicit the necessary response (as above). This step may take a long time at first, but should be totally unrelated to the present circumstance.

3. The result is "carved" from the skin with a dagger. Spasmodically the sweat and/or tears are then flung, in drops, upon the black cloth as these words are said:


(This accursed water now burns the skin of he/she/it/them)

4. The cloth is torn to sheds.

5. Return to step 0 then banish.

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