An Orange Evocation Rite


The Archetypal form for this thoughtless work is the universal trickster. The trickster comes in many forms and guises. In this case we are dealing with the internal mental aspect. There is a voice inside our minds that thinks and speaks too much in many situations and draws us far from what we may already know. I think the answer to most of the un answered questions in our heads is not often found in long chains and labyrinths of psycho-babble thought, but the answer itself can usually be found in what we already know. . . but I don't really know.


- Chaotic instruments or recorded music playing changing rhythms to assist in inducing feelings of anxiety and discord.
- Orange candles, enough that ritual space will be dimly lit.
- Mercurial incense of some sort.
- White paper and black pens to create Sigils.

Sigil Preparation:

All participants will create a personal sigil concerning something of themselves that often requires too much thought, or an aspect of self that undergoes a lot of self-criticism. When charged, this sigil will banish skepticism of a given ability/asp ect and will strengthen faith in the

knowledge of given ability/aspect. Mantra from sigil statement will also be created to be recited when sigil is consecrated.

Example Sigil statement form:

"I know I am ( a ) __________ ."
"I know I will ___________."
"I will to be ___________."

Sigils will be created before entering ritual space.

The Rite:

0. Opening with Thunderbolt , Vortex, Pentagram...etc.

1. Participants stand in circle and repeat statement of intent after M.T.:

"It is our will to maintain control of our thoughts to access our hidden knowledge"

2. Participants stand anxiously as M.T. recites Invocation:

"We call to the god of deception
Sneaky and Clever
Oh Great tricky bastard up high
Coyote the Trickster, Loki, Enki
And by whatever other names you are called
Lord of over-rational and irrational thought
Master of endless pondering and meditations
We call the god of deception and quick thought
Let us know what we think
Let us think what we know

3. Tape or music begins, all walk around in nervous "pacing" circles while chanting "I Think" over and over with a sense of urgency and anxiety.

4. Music stops (about 10 min.) and chant changes to "I Know" and all are now calmly and confidently walking around each showing off sigils and repeating chant.

5. Chant builds to a scream of " I Know " and all consecrate sigils by whatever means appropriate.

6. Banish with laughter, thought, or other means.

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