This rite was specifically created for the Rites of the Invisible Sun event. In traditional Sumerian mythology, Marduk, who corresponds to the planet Jupiter, chopped Tiamat (the sea-serpent being of Chaos) into pieces and thereby created the four elements (earth, air, water, fire). It is said that when Marduk is distracted, Tiamat may be allowed to awaken from her slumber and slip back together.

Since Marduk is Jupiter, he was quite distracted during the ROTIS by the onslaught of the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 bombarding him. The purpose of this rite is to reassemble Tiamat by a symbolic intermingling/ unifying of all the elements. The M.O., corresponding to Aether, uses carbonated water to symbolize water and air. It then draws the Tiamat sigil created during the rite onto a piece of wood, which symbolizes earth, and lights this whole mixture on fire, hence integrating the fire element. This rite may be performed at any time, but you may want to add something to distract Marduk.

Necessary Items:

- Carbonated Water
- Pocket Fire Elemental (matches are suggested)
- Small Piece of Wood (light enough to float on water)
- Lighter Fluid
- Plenty of Paper and Pens
- A Metal Bowl

The Rite:

1. Each participant is assigned an element (earth, air, water, fire). An even number of people per element is suggested, but not absolutely necessary. It is imperative, however, that each element is represented by at least one participant.

2. Each participant will make a separate sigil of their particular element.

3. A grid is drawn on the ground beneath the working space to create four separate sections. Each section is assigned an element:

E | A
W | F

4. All participants begin in the center where the M.O. is situated with the metal bowl, carbonated water, piece of wood, matches, lighter fluid, some form of illumination, paper and pen.

5. Statement of Intent:

"It is our will to reassemble the elements of Tiamat."

6. The M.O. states: "We call earth." All earth participants move into the section of the grid corresponding to their element and, focussing on their sigils, proceed to "become" the element earth (i.e., feel themselves as the element, act in the manner of the element, etc..). During this, the earth participants will chant the name: "Enki". This is the Sumerian God of earth.

The M.O. states: "We call air." All air participants move into their part of the grid and become air while concentrating on their sigils and chanting: "Enlil" (God of Air).

The M.O. states: "We call fire" and all fire participants follow suit. Their word is: "Gibil" (God of Fire).

The M.O. states: "We call water." The word is: "Nammu" (God of Water).

7. While the elements are becoming themselves, the M.O. is anti-concentrating itself upon becoming Aether, the so-called 5th element (or non-element or all-element as the case may be). When a proper state of gnosis is attained by Aether, it proceeds to pour the carbonated water into the metal bowl.

8. The M.O. (Aether) yelps: "We call Tiamat." All elements converge once again in the center and hand the M.O. their sigils. While the elements are converging in the center (gnostically becoming intermixed and losing their singular elemental identities), all chant: "Tiamat." During this, the M.0. will combine all the sigils into one conglomerate sigil on a piece of paper and then draw this conglomerate sigil onto the piece of wood.

9. The M.O. will dowse the top of the piece of wood containing the sigil and then the carbonated water with lighter fluid, light the wood on fire and carefully place it atop the carbonated water in the metal bowl. If necessary, the M.O. will light the top of the mixture so that the entire surface is blazing.

10. All other participants will memorize the sigil and, once the elements have been combined symbolically, begin to spiral out into the corners randomly, paying no mind to which section they end up in. Becoming the elements combined, all continue to chant: "Tiamat."

11. When gnosis is significant and the elemental combination in the metal bowl has burned out, the M.O. will scream: "Tiamat is reborn!" All repeat and banish by hissing.

12. The sigil may be copied by all and utilized in any way desired as a new symbol for all elements combined/Tiamat.

The sigil created at the Rites of the Invisible Sun by this rite was

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