The Turbine Rite

A Technique of generating force/Gnosis in group ritual. Created to be specially applicable to works of Invocation, but other applications may be obvious.

1) Central Conjurer is situated in the center of a circle established by cabal.

2) Cabal circumambulates Conjurer widdershins during recitation of vesicle(s).

3) Breathing and pace should become as synchronous as possible among cabalist.

a) some form of vibration should be used, repetitive in nature, between verses of incantation. This may be the Divine name of the Deity being invoked.

4) At Conjurers direction the circumambulation must become faster paced (the use of some form of simple non-verbal musick can be helpful. Such as drum beats that gradually grow faster). Ideally the Conjurer and cabal will become proficient at vocal cues, such as raises in tone of voice.

5) The faster circumambulations will be enriched by each cabalist spinning on their axis deosil at each of the four quarters (the four sub-quarters can also be used to enhance effect.)

a) At this point this activity can begin at random and should continue until some form of synchronicity occurs within the group.

6) Repetitive vibration of divine name(s) should be emphasized at this part of ritual.

a) Vibrations shouldn't be done while turning at quarters. This can disrupt flow of vibrations unless proficiency and good choreography can be acquired.

b) A simple tonal vibration, such as a vowel sound, can be used continuously throughout turn and circumambulations.

7) Cabalist should never lose focus of form and flow. A steady pace is desired.

8) All should focus on central Conjurer and/or object during spins. Conjurer should be capable of harnessing and directing flow of force during spins.

a) this may be achieved by Conjurer randomly turning on axis opposite Cabal while focusing on Anahata Chakra.

9) At Conjurer's discretion, some previously agreed gesture or sound should be made to halt cabalist, who face inwards towards Conjurer with arms raised (sign of Typhon).

10) At the declared point of halting Conjurer should diffuse generated force towards cabalist with some gesture and word. The word may be a word of general nature, AUMGN or FIAOF are highly recommended.

11) The Sign of Hoor -Paar-Kraat should be assumed by all after diffusion.

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