This rite is designed to be used at times of feeling scattered, or when something needs to be fixed or brought together that does not seem to be coming together well in the mundane physical world. Through ritual and mantra self-enchantment the ability to mend, and the probability of mending, are increased.

Materials needed:


Visualization, breath control, mantra, Ouranian Barbaric.

The Rite:

1. Toss the pieces around inside the circle randomly, without consciously thinking about where they fall. Place bag/pouch in the middle of the circle.

2. Vortex, Gnostic Thunderbolt or Pentagram Ritual for opening.

3. Sit in the middle of the circle, holding up pouch/bag in front of your face with both hands. Visualize pouch as the item or problem needing to be fixed, or as a broken chalice.

4. Statement of Intent: "I will fix what is broken."

5. Set pouch down and cry out:

("Fix what breaks.")

6. Begin crawling around the circle gathering up pieces while chanting MINEB over and over. A personal mantra more appropriate and specific may also be used.

7. When all pieces are gathered up, stand up while rattling them in both hands and run or dance around in the circle while chanting faster and faster, and breathing harder and harder.

8. At climax or gnosis, fall into a sitting position in the middle of the circle. Take up pouch and place the pieces into it.

9. Hold pouch up in front of face and visualize completion of work, item fixed, situation solved, or a perfectly intact chalice.

10. Cry out:

("Fixed... it is done!")

11. Banish with laughter. Close Vortex and/or perform a banishing ritual.

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