imagine a planet where peaceful herbivores live happily, without any predators. they live happily until there's no more land to feed them and then die horribly & slowly due to famine and lack ov vital space.

imagine a planet where humans breed happily without any predators. then you'll see thee need for vampyres.

i was exploring this totem thing, and found that vampyre is a human totemform, a superhuman, a predator for this niche of well-fed breeding sheeps. it seems that they're related to dragons (dracul -> dragon; besides, if a serpent is the god ov winter and an eagle the goddess ov summer, then the winged serpent would bee time itself).

1. this ritual must begun just before nightfall.

2. walk carelessly, enjoying the pure free space. whistle. jump, run around the room.

3. look behind your back. the place begins to get crowded. you have to step aside.

4. people begin to push you aside. you're evicted from every corner. you're forced towards the center. you curl up in fetal position.

5. you stay there for a while, panting. then stop thinking and stop breathing. for a long while, you remain still.

6. when the night has fell, you feel that blood resumes its movement within you.

7. your totem spirits begin to drum power rhythms in your heart. your nose dilates as you get rid of human conventions. your nails grow and drive into the ground. you purr/roar, then stand up, trying your new, hyperdeveloped muscles.

8. say IO VAMPYRE in silence. say "fiat nox" aloud. SOI: E AMM A NATURAL FORCE.

9. visualize the night, endlessly returning to accept and empower you.

10. license to depart and banishing.

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