The Venus Rite Pathworking

Statement of Intent:


Begin the pathworking by imagineering your self into a futuristic Virtual Pleasure Arcade, where realities are toggled as launching platforms for exploring new horizons of self.

Imagine yourself entering into three dimensional virtual reality: Imagine HMD or retinal scanner surrounding your head and providing you with a perfectly parallex 4-d view. Look up, left, right, up, down, a full 3-d motion seamless interface. Immerse yourself within a 4 dimensional octarine bubble which will serve as a traveling observation platform.

Look up and see stars shining brightly as we are standing on a marble pedestal, with black and white squares on a marble surface, surrounded by infinite stars and the yawning gulf of eternity itself. Hot neon electric trace lines guide us towards the ero-zones, glowing brightly in the distance. Experience the galaxies embrace as you emerge into a luminous sea of hot pink data-clusters representing the aggregate of your desires as represented in nanoscale; bits and bytes synchronizing and meshing with your own synapses and neurons, stimulating the erotic currents which sustain our bioelectic telepresesence. As you float effortlessly down exciting, mysterious corridors of perfumed satin and leather, you begin to preview some of your favorite erotic imagery as a numerically sequenced index for your secret pleasure zones. These erotic temples dissolve silently into a garden of celestial pleasures and delights, beyond any sensations you have ever dreamed of, immersing yourself within the hottest technicolor fantasies, representing the formless reflections from within this multifaceted living jewel . Then you realize that all these fantasies are but part of a larger holographic macro-image or metapattern.dreamscape , in which all fantasies of earthly delights merge to form an organic miasma, topological landscape seething with with the explosive combustion of lust, perpetually feeding ecosystems of orgasmic bliss and exquisite delights within and beyond the realms of pleasure and pain,. This wheel of swirling erotic images represent the Goddess Eros. From within this swirling sea of holo-images lies an ocean of untold joy and excitement. Liquid crystal oceans, Alluring, incandescent. Arise out of the froth of the brightest data waves ::Aphrodite,Venus, Krishna, Maut; This image forms a Living Temple of multi-tiered waterfalls of desire, bristling with hot pink chaospheres, each one representing different nodes or assemblage point within these infinite sensory landscapes. (here we find infinite atavisms, an endless warehouse of genetic memories embedded within our genetic informational matrix.) From within this tangled web of pheromone cues and cellular coding which manifests our sensations and creates our desires, exists a matrice where all you idealized fantasies are encapsulated within one sphere, which contains a perfect idealized copy of yourself. Within this sphere visualize Your own perfect idealized archetypal self-matrix..glistening.. rainbow-hued.... opalescent....(this reflection represents our selflove, our self idealized fractal wave manifestation. Within this chamber you place flowers and light incense and anoint this place with erotic fluids to prepare a place for the Godforms to make love. (Glorify your own erotic self image.) Sacred Tantric Dream Sutras are revealed to you as the doorway to The Velvet Temple of Beauty and love is opened.

Everyone turns and kneels towards the center of the circle. Approach your Idealized self as if you would a lover.

Kneeling before your idealized self: repeat after MT:

"That which extends throughout the Universe. I regard as my body' and that which directs the universe, I regard as my nature." "I am the God-goddess of Love and Beauty, and Venus is the Planet I have chosen through which to manifest the foundations of my being."

Remaining at the feet of your idealized male-female Archetype, kiss the knees as if they were the knees of your idealized lover. Sing to the joy of your lovers form. and say, (here the mirror of Venus is passed with the following phrase attached to the mirror.) "With the secret kiss of Nuit I worship thee." "I worship the God and Goddess within you." This phrase is repeated as each person kisses the mirror and repeats the phrase, passing the mirror deosil. Even the thought of touching your god goddess idealized self lover makes every cell in your being sing in ecstatic harmony.

Realize that within this ultimate union of Imaginary opposites lies the illusory nature of our perception of self. Realize that as we perpetually strive to create myriad fantasy formations., they are no more than the celestial-cerebral gown which adorns us, creating our various dream-realities and the often loosely knit fabric of the (so called)

ultimate scheme of things. Realize the "New Sexuality" as continually rising out of your own psyche, in waves of perpetual self love. Auto-erotic, A-Sexual, Pan-Galactic.

Your ultimate desires for your own opposite, to be vanquished as a single point by the deafening rush of chaos and oblivion, is the ultimate orgasm. And become aware that your imaginary lovers on all planes are just manifestations of our hidden desires to extinguish ourselves into the ecstasies of self annihilation. The asphyxiation of duality within the death posture, is the ultimate self love.

"I am divided for loves sake. For the sake of union." (A.C)

You return to your temporal dimension with the ability to come and go as you wish, using these virtual astral doorways as conduits for further self exploration.


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