All Participants gather in an area which has as its center a center-post, tree, or pole erected. Necessary for its performance are a bowl of water, a tape of syncopated drums (suggested rhythm is 111.111.111 etc.) and/or drums for playing, candles and cornmeal for the drawing of the vevers. Elaborations may include ritual flags. A minimum of three participants is suggested:

If LSD is to be used as the sacrament, it should be taken before the ritual begins; the peak should occur sometime soon after the loa (or lwa) is invoked.

The Vevereberation Rite:

1. Libation

  1. The bowl of water is "presented" to the eight directions of the circle in cardinals, ie. first to the four points in a counter-clockwise fashion, then to the inbetween spaces clockwise. Example: The bowl is thrust to the N, then to the W, to the S and to the E. Then the bowl is thrust toward the NE, then the SE, the SW, and finally the NW.
  2. The Loa, Legba notably, is invoked.
  3. The water is poured 3x onto the center-post and 3x to the north-west of the working area. A line of water is then drawn from the NW back to the center-post.
  4. The center-post is kissed 3x by all participants.

2. Opening

La Place performs a banishing using the sword.

3. The Vevers

Candles are lighted and placed near the center-post in the direction of where the vever is to be drawn.

The vever for Kalku (Lord of the Crossroads) is drawn with its center being that of the post.

Invitation: "Papa Legba, ouvre barrie pou nous passer!"


4. Chemickals

Whatever chemiognostic method to be employed is done now.

The Loa are invoked in no apparent order.

5. The Battˇrie

The rhythm is 111 pause 111 pause 111 pause. Repetitions of 14 each then a long pause. The batteries may be drums, clapping, stomping, whatever. Dancing and abandonment to ob-livion follow to end.

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