V.O.T. Rite


Water freezes/ice melts, allowing a perpetual opportunity for both acceptance and release of structure. It serves as a metaphor for our conscious perceptions, and the acceptance of vacuity as the "natural" state; no other state need be thought of as more "natural" than any other. Evaporation, condensation, recrystallization are not seperate processes, independent of one another, but an ongoing interrelationship between dissapative structures. This constant synthesis of dynamic flux, mirrors the living representation of the cosmos. As water melts, it refreezes again and again. Within this flux of the element water, observe the consciousness of quiescence i.e."no-mind"; neither water nor ice, nor not water, nor not ice.(nor steam)


This excercise begins with a pathworking through the element ice/water ect; exploring the polarities and states of dynamic flux occurring within the matrix of form. Ultimately, we allow a pattern to cognize. As we become aware of this pattern which emerges, we stylize this "signature of formlessness" into a gesture or repetitive sound wave, recapitulating the experience of vacuity; ie: that often elusive notion floundering amidst conception and formlesness.

Materials Needed:

- Ritual Music

- Incense

- Chemignostic libation

The Rite:

0. Open with a banishing ritual; method optional, alternating with Runic postures Isa and Laguz.

Statement of Intent:

"It is our will to create a gesture (or mantric/visual/word) sigil, to instantaneously bring about vacuity of thought.

1. Begin by imagining the self, as a flowing liquid (Laguz). Flowing, splashing, dripping, always seeking your own level, resonating with multiple planes of existence. Slowly you begin to cool down, eventually becoming frozen in form, as a solidified mass, or tube of ice (Isa). Visualize ice crystals forming incrementally; shiny molecules of H2O stacking up against each other in a never-ending cascade of tiny mirrors....

2. Crystals formulate, solidify, and expand as the molecular rate of vibration decreases. Expotentially crystallizing and fragmenting serpentary-chromium scales, sparkling, reflecting, and refracting the basic units of form. Mirrored hallways reflect ice crystals, until they become brittle and shatter into broken porcelain needles, representing vanquished thought formations; Brittle petals of illusion reflected in form. This same fragile acetate structure melts and dissolves into crystal clear streams and pools, melting and recrystallizing in a continual exchange of form.

3. Detatch and Silently Observe the plasticity of the meta pattern, the symmetries of manifestation.The relationship between the interconnectivity of the bipolar functioning displays the vehicle of transcendence. What we grasp with our perceptions, is defined by the moulds of our belief systems. So too this sigilized patterning pervades our subconsciousness, forming as an indirect result of our own awareness. Allow this sigilization to internalize, both audio/visually and kinesthetically.

4. Allow imagery to freely flow from throughout the simplification of the sigilized pattern. Allow the visual/mantric sigil to internalize. Feel the pattern resonate throughout your being. This feeling can be encapsulated within a gesture, sound visual glyph or a combination utilizing one or more of these monograms. which represents the state inbetween solid and liquid.

5. Upon internalization of the sigil. Repeat the process described above, water/ice etc., allowing observation of the vacous state from the position of the non-non-detatched watcher. The pathworking itself provides the method of attaining gnosis through a transcendence of dualistic perception.

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