may this help bring you ashore!

the chaos wand
the purpose of this ritual is to concentrate your wand of chaos.
first, you will need to make your wand of chaos. you can make it any length that you wish, any color, personalize it with any sigils, gem stones, or any other thing that you wish. it is your wand; so, therefore, be creative! i urge you to take your time and make your wand, and that even if you don't have much in the way of artistic talent, it is most always better to create it yourself even if the artwork on it may not be considered a "professional" job. the idea with the chaos wand is to make it creative as possible and uniquely your own. take your time p-l-e-a-s-e in the construction of your wand, however. You want it to last a long time!

1. during, or shortly after, the construction of your wand, try to have a fire and stay close to it, if possible. For example i am now letting the final coat of paint from my wand dry by the fireplace right now (fire included, of course). the creation of the wand has been a real "surge" of energy. what i have been doing is trying to focus this energy, all sexual energy, etc., into the wand as i've been making it for the past week, visualizing it at the time of orgasm, for example.

e + f = c

e= energy
f= focus
c= concentration

it's that simple. do any fire meditation rituals as preparation, or any type of fire rites that you have around. make sigils for fire, creativity, sex, etc., throughout the day (or whatever time period you wish to do this but i recommend not taking too long as you will want to keep m-o-s-t of your focus on what you are doing). and remember to keep the home fires burning! after the mentioned is done in whatever way damn well pleases you, you will then move to the next section of actually beginning the ritual (also done in whatever way pleases your, altered, digested and burped back up again - not to be followed as a strict guide, even for myself!).

1. it is my will to consecrate the wand of my will (state this while holding your wand in the air. also, this should take place by or around a fire, if possible).

2. by a fire, prepare a sigil for fire (if you don't already have one), and meditate on it.

3. begin to put yourself into sexual gnosis, stimulating yourself until the point of orgasm, but just before orgasm stop. do this at least three times, or more.

4. in a state of sexual gnosis go before the fire and place your wand towards the center. draw your fire sigil with the wand and state: as this wand is an extension of my will i ask you the gods of the east and place of fire to come before me and to consecrate this wand of my will!!

5. at this point you should have your orgasm, holding the wand in one hand, and visualize the fire sigil at the time of orgasm.

6. the end.

the chaos disk

purpose & intent: the purpose is to create and consecrate the chaos disk . Traditionally, it should be round and flat, but feel free to do with it (make it whatever shape it is you desire) what you like. the disk can be created from wood, baking clay, plastic, or whatever else you can think of. the idea is to make the disk sturdy enough to stand the test of time. color the disk whatever color you like, however, i will suggest that the back side of the disk be all black. this is so that you can use the disk as a skrying tool, as well. you will need to make a sigil for "earth" lest you already have one from your alphabet of desire. the disk will be a useful tool then in skrying, protection rituals, casting sigils of a material nature, and whatever else your will wants to use it for. chaos tools need not be made in any specific order but the order that you want to make them in; so, be worried not if you have not made any of the other weapons. always remember to be creative in the process of making your tools, and anything, by adding whatever colors you like personalized sigils and/or names.

l. it begins with the creation. after you have began making it you should visualize your earth sigil with every orgasm you have after that point. if you want, charge this sigil with every coat of paint, with every symbol and letter added. try to, at least, have one orgasm every day in which you visualize your earth sigil during the creation of the disk .

2. when the disk is complete (i pray you will put a protective coating on this fine piece of chaos) set it at an alter, work place, etc. try to arrange to have an earthy feel there; such as a few limbs that have fallen off a small tree, and some flowers, just for example. however, make sure to have a bowl of dirt for the working.

3. Set your disk by the bowl of dirt, or on top of it. Leave it there for some time. Make sure that in that time you have at least one orgasm visualizing your earth sigil.

4. take the disk and take it around to the quarters of your working space drawing a banishing pentagram. then state, "it is my will to consecrate this disk of chaos!"

5. Facing the bowl of dirt say, and holding the disk : "gods of earth in the west (use whatever direction corresponds with your system of magic) come forth to touch upon this disk of chaos so that it may protect me from my enemies, bring me the material things which i need and desire, and to keep me grounded and in touch with the earth element! come forth gods of earth and stones in the west! come forth now to do my will!

6. take time to meditate on the earth and other things that the disk may help you do magically, while visualizing your earth sigil, write your thoughts down and banish with laughter.

the chaos cup

purpose & intent. the purpose of this ritual is to create and concentrate the chaos cup, or chalice. One must begin by kree8ing his or her cup. you can either elect to make your cup from wood or metal, but metal would probably work out better in the long run. you may also want to simply by a glass cup that you find interesting, and paint it, if you don't have the time or materials to actually make the cup. the only symbol i would consider necessary for the cup is a sigil of water to be created by yourself, or taken from you alphabet of desire. the cup represents the emotional plane (of course this may differ from magician to magician), and may be used for such magical techniques as skrying, or making and drinking elixirs from. be creative in the creation and/or painting, as well as, use of your cup.

1. during the creation of you cup visualize your water sigil at the time of every orgasm that you may have, or any other intense moments. note: at any points of extreme happiness and/or bliss visualize the sigil for water. at any creative moments visualize the sigil for water. every time that something happens which you associate with water, or the cup, visualize the sigil for water. note: i choose not to pick directions for your weapons for you. only you should decide for your self with your own system, or whichever one it is that you feel most comfortable with. henceforth; I will use the symbol for direction, and so you may choose to adopt any direction you like for the wand, disk , and blade. any directions given are just as a rough guide; so, be creative.

2. have your cup ready in the direction you choose or at the center of your workplace. place your own blood, sexual fluids, hair, fingernail clipping, spittle, and whatever else you may choose to put in the cup. fill the remember of the cup with it vodka, or a similar substance.

3. then so state: "gods of the i command you to come forth to enchant this magickal cup of my will. to fill in with creativity, love, and abundance. come forth now gods of come forth now and do my will gods of water from the south and fill my cup to the rim.

4. You should be holding the cup high while doing this, then drink the elixir inside the cup, then banish with laughter.

5. the end.

the chaos blade

purpose & intent: the blade of chaos is the weapon traditionally associated with air; however, some use it as the fire weapon and the wand vise versa. an easy exchange of the two can be down if you like. i have found in my research that the two different weapons can work different depending on the magician. so therefore i must say feel free to experiment and do as thou will... one shall need to make hir chaos blade with the sigil for air (i use this as example) taken hir alphabet of desire, or that one should be made and added to the magicians alphabet of desire.

1. at any orgasm throughout the creation process, one should visualize the air sigil (or fire, or...) Also at extreme times of pain, feeling powerful, or whatever you may associate the weapon with.

not for the reason that i do not want to share a ritual with you for the chaos blade, but there are several reasons why that i do not and probably will not.

at the date of this writing, this chaosorcerer writing has not made his chaos blade yet, and feels that it would be rather unacceptable to himself that he put out a ritual that he did not himself yet do, even though writing it would probably be quite simple.

this magician must also add that he feels that by doing and writing so many weapon rituals within the past few weeks, that if he were to write a ritual that it would be a simple rehash of what has been done in his other weapons writings, feeling his kree8tivity has been somewhat drowned for the time being, and although that he is working currently on the cup, that it would be best left to the magician to create his own ritual for this one. and that any others that were beforehand mentioned should be altered if the magicians so wishes to fit hir personal needs. therefore i end this section here.

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