The Invocation Of Wolf Moon

For ages I've been a fan of Type O Negative, and my favourite song is the one Wolf Moon off the album October Rust. Now, there was always something about that song which got me, until I worked it out. Wolf Moon is actually a Goddess, of the Black Sphere of magick, and as such, this rite is an entropy working against somebody who has caused you depression and you simply want them out of your way. This ritual also makes use of the Magic: The Gathering collectible card game, which is a hobby of mine, so I decided to combine 3 of my most favourite things, music, magick, and MTG. Wolf Moon is the Mother Of Dark Transformations, as can be read into the lyrics of the song. In this case, she will transform our dark thoughts of vengeance into reality.

Material Requirements:


Statement of Intent:

It is our statement of intent to summon Wolf Moon, Guardian Of Dark Transformations, to rid us (insert target's name/ID here)

1) Open with any banishing you feel comfortable with.

2) Start music.

3) Sit down with the 3 cards in front of you.

4) As the singing starts, after the lyrics,"..she'll be bleeding again..", draw blood from wherever you prefer, arm is best, (she is a Vampiric Goddess afterall).

5) Let blood well up on arm till there's a nice amount. Now, draw whatever you want on the cards. Make sure there is still plenty of blood left on your arm afterwards.

6) While all the music is playing, concentrate on the lyrics, and the actual majesty of Wolf Moon, portrayed by the music. Feel her within you, transforming all you thoughts of vengeance into cold reality.

7) Lie down, and place the cards on certain strategic points, I placed Haunting Misery on my "3rd eye" to cause bad dreams, Fatal Blow on my Heart, and Funeral March on my knees.

8) Keep letting the music bring you towards gnosis, feel Wolf Moon's prescence within you.

9) As the music get's to the point of "..So in this grey haze...", take the arm that's got all the wonderful blood on it, and go moggy and start drinking. Wolf Moon feeds off blood to power the Transformation. Do this for about 30 seconds. However, keep the blood in your mouth.

10) When the final hectic rush of the song starts, at about when Pete sings, "Beware the woods at night...", suck in as much breath as possible. When he hits the long howl, explode the blood out of your mouth with as much power as possible.

11) Power down, and laugh, do what you must to close off.


The target of the spell went into manic depression several days after casting, and has been feeling suicidal on several occasions. Subject has not commited suicide yet, and I'm not sure if they will, I doubt it, as my thoughts of vengeance consisted of lasting pain, not a quick ending with a slash to the wrists. The subject has also started becoming extremely alcoholic, and is in general, living an extremely unpleasant life. All is in otherwords, turning to crap in their life. I say the spell was a success. All is good.

Morality and magick mix as well as a black man at a KKK rally.

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