Purpose of Working; XaomamoaX is best described as a rite of "freestyle shamanism", or seat of the pants, fly by night, nature majiks.

To interface with the realm of the dark f/mother, the shaman creates a shrine to represent the cave entrance or spring source that has traditionally been the focus point of shamanic interface with the earth monster.

Here the shaman/s uses the dark forces to provide hirself with a symbol which may be used for black magick. (ie.) magick that is primarily designed to cause sickness or death for our enemies. This sigil may be useful as a link with these "dark" forces and the object of destruction.

Of course no forces are any darker or lighter than any others, ie: all forces are relative, nevertheless the traditional shamanic symbolism is employed identifying "dark" with mysterious, often destructive forces of nature.

"Enemies" may also serve as a metaphor for unwanted aspects of our own psyches.

A. Opening (recognition of the shamans relationship with the natural forces (earth and sun) and the seasonl/directional stations *

B. Invocation of the earth monster:

Suggestion: Opening of the aperature may utilize any egregore the shaman chooses to represent ingress with the earth monster. This portal may also serve to represent the "axis mundi" or center of the world.

Opening of the Portal (aperature or ayin of the earth monster)

1.Create circle to represent a cave entrance or shrine entrance to the "earth monster'

2. Cover circle (to be done with a cloth or blanket of some kind,in order to represent the veil between worlds,between our world and the "belly of the beast"

a. Begin drumming or chanting session; rattles and any form of instrumention and or any other form of prerecorded music should be appropriate.

3. Upon calling the name of the earth monster, (traditional mythologies or glossolalia may be applied in a barbarous fashion). The cloth is removed as a symbolic gesture indicating the cave or spring entrance is open.

This is where "dark forces" may come and go unhindered by the light which blinds the eye and the sun which evaporates the mists.

4. Communication with the demon night winds: Shamans make offering to the night spirits of darkness and disease: Tequila, mescal, water, tobacco/smoke, and corn flour are suitable offerings of thanks and supplication.

Invoke nightwinds and create a symbol to use as a sigil to destroy the targeted objective/s. This symbol may become a powerful tool for furthur workings of destructive majiks. Obtaining a symbol may be the primary goal of this working as well as charging specific sigils for future workings.

Gnosis is acheived with a combination of seething and chanting/drumming so that participating shamans may transend divisions of self.

As the shaman allows hirself to become a conduit for manifestation of the night winds, hir will becomes one with that of the powers that can bring sickness and death, which we direct towards our enemies using our will as focalizer;

Hence our sigil/symbol becomes empowered with the dark forces of the demon nite winds and diabolical thoughtforms.

5. Thank the nite winds and the dark forces of the earth monster.

6. Close the portal by replacing the blanket or cloth over the aperature.,

The site may remain closed for future use, or the circle may be destroyed completely, sealing the portal indefinitely.


*suggested opening: (shoshone invocation) shaman raises arms towards the sky and acknoweledges the four directions and uses hir hands and arms to gesture towards the sky and earth.

turning widdershins

1. to the east where the sun rises

2. to the north where the cold comes from

3. to the south where the light comes from

4. to the father sun and the mother earth

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