Helloo,here it is, it was designed to bring regeneration on myself and the earth and as a general magickal booster.

I understand initiation as being an ongoing process, this working preceeds lots of workings that I`ll be doing of a similar nature.

I performed this at tranqulitiy cracks, a favourite spot on Tale Mountian , the only item I used was a glass of wine.

note, it`s not written in the past tense since I wrote this for myself about a week ago and I couldn`t be bothered to change it.


  1. Banish with personalised Star Ruby

  2. Envoke all elementals.

  3. Spirall into center intoning: KRASIS DI HOLOU .
    (greek, " a mingling through everything.)

  4. Statement of intent.
    It is my will to do
    regeneration upon myself and the earth as I initiate
    myself into the AX. Also used as a power word later in
    the Invocation of the Chaosurge. (UREYGNAX PHOLDSTIMF)

  5. Declaim the following:

    In gladness the leaves tell each to each of their mysteries,
    and the tossing of the boughs sennds forth a chorus of rejoicing.
    The roots of the trees are set deep in the earth,
    and the stars companion their lifted crests.
    Sweet are their fruits, and sweet their dewy shade.
    As brothers the fires of heaven they hail, and as sisters the gentle waters.
    In gladness the leaves of the forest of life are stirring continually;
    and the world invisible is thronged with the upward
    reaching of delicate eager branches of Being.
    Living columns arise from the primordial darkness,
    to where the lamps of eternitiy crown their summits.
    Glad world of life,
    I invoke benediction upon thee:
    and upon me may thy peace rest also.

    Sink roots and intone:

    I, the essential nature of Earth,
    beyond rocky crag and in sheletered valley I guard the hidden things of future time.
    I guard them and give them of myself.
    Deep in the fertile soil, or wide in the wilderness, I gather and direct my errant powers;
    all tha befalls my domain I see, and I heed.
    The sown field and the barrow-mound: are not these alike the slow alembics of my mystery?
    That which descends I welcome, and that which ascends I aid;
    in the act of each is my purpose wonderously acheived.
    The shadow cavern or the stone circle upon the plain:
    they who seek me through either pass beyond me, and thus shall they find me.

    Orphic hymn to Gaia:

    O Goddess, Earth, of Gods and men the source,
    Endued with fertile, all destroying force;
    All-parent, bounding, whose prolific powers,
    Produce a store of beauteous fruits and flowers,
    All-various maid, the eternal world's strong base
    Immortal, blessed, crowned with every grace;
    from whose wide womb, as from an endless root,
    Fruits, many-formed, mature and grateful shoot.
    Deep bosomed, blessed, pleased with grassy plains,
    Sweet to the smell, and with prolific rains.
    All flowery daemon, center of the world,
    Around thy orb, the beauteous stars are hurled
    with rapid whirl, eternal and divine,
    Whose frames with matchless skill and wisdom shine.
    Come, blessed Goddess, listen to my prayer,
    And make increase of fruits thy constant care;
    With fertile Seasons in thy train, draw near,
    And with propitious mind thy suppliant hear.

  6. The Orphic Egg and Phanes. (fah nays)

    Visulise crown as intense whiteness inhale bringinging it to the heart in a sphere of gold exhale sending it down to feet, imediate resurgence of red-white on inhalation bringing it back up to heart. Repeat the last step 5 more times, on the 5th time raise arms to form a "psi" position, exhaling bring force out from heart to the palms of the hands.

    Bring hands together horizontally in front of you so as to make a clap (cupped palms for best effect) Separate hands horizontally visualizing a line forming which meets itself in a circle, intone: AION (eternity)
    repeat, only separate hands vertically, visualising a line which meets itself in a circle within the previous one, intone: XAOS kai AETHYR (Yawning Gap and Aethyr.)
    Visualize an egg forming with a serpent coiled three and a half times about it, intone:
    HO OPHIS kai to OION (The Serpent and the Egg)
    The Serpent begins tightening it`s grip on the egg,
    imagine it getting tighter and tighter on every inhalation you take, start breathing faster, Throw your arm onto the egg and trace a spiral out of it as it shatters Shout HAIL PHANES!

    Hymn to Phanes:

    Balck winged Night
    Loved the wind
    a silver egg was born.

    You burst forth from the egg.
    Shining light
    in four directions
    you set the world whirling

    Mirror of yourself,
    explorer of space,
    you wear many shapes:

    ram, snake, bull,
    bright eyed lion,
    your song fills space

    First among the first
    I celebrate your power.

    Mysterious blazing flower
    Clear the darkness from our eyes
    Radiant purity,
    Sanctify our lives
    with infinite light.

    Glory of the sky
    encircle the world
    with you feathers

    Dark eyed splendour,
    gentle and wise,
    Sacred begining,
    Smile on our lives.

  7. Here follows words of aspiration to be Self regenerating, ballanced, liberated etc.

  8. Now take up wine, holding it above head do Frater Choronzon`s invocation of the Chaosurge substituting enochianised names for Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn where "AOIVEAE DS ZACRE" appears.Where * occurs in the invocation replace with the statement of intent power word.
    (the invocation is on Phil Hine`s site, I left it out here so as to make this mail not too long)
    <below at the end of the invocation>
    Bring chalice to lips continously chanting IADNAMAD, drink half then pour onto the earth intoning MALPIRG,GAIA KAI HO ICHOR OURANOU (the fire of light and increase, earth and the blood of heaven) then do a circular dance about the circle as chanting IADNAMAD, high gnosis ensues (hopefully), whereupon collapse on the ground procaliming:


  9. Stand up, center yourself. Trace an Octogram intoning: EN GIRO TORTE SOL CICLOS ET ROTOR IGNE as each line is drawn. (solar palindrome)

  10. Deliver a battery of 8-8-8 knocks with foot upon the earth. (solar regeneration)

Banish elementals.
Banish with laughter.


I`m feeling thoroughly refreshed after a long bout of inactivity on the magickal front, I had a definate feeling of "rightness" throughout the rite and it`s parts flowed very well into one another, upon collapsing to the ground I saw frenzied rainbow flames whirling about. I felt moved to cover myself with soil and leaves afterwards and I lay like that for about half an hour. After this I silly walked as per Monty Python method away from area.
The two before the Orphic hym to Gaia are from the Earth pentacle consecration rite Vol 3 Magickal Philosophy by M.D and O.P
A desription and image of Phanes much like the universe tarot can be founf at: if anyones interested.

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