Members: Any initiated member of the AutonomatriX who attends at least two meetings of the Alliance per month may consider themselves an active member. The Zetetic Alliance has no inactive members - those members who cease to attend at least two meetings per month become non-members at the discretion of the remaining members.

Associates: Anyone with genuine interest in the practice of Magic may be an associate of the Zetetic Alliance. An Associate is anyone who works with the ZN on a regular basis (at least twice monthly) and is not an initiated member of the AutonomatriX.


MCP: The Main Contact Foint of the ZA acts solely as a mail and information receiver and distributor. It is the responsibility of the Main Contact Point of the Zetetic Alliance to distribute among ZA members (and Associates where applicahle) any information sent or given to the Zetetic Alliance.

Scribe: The Scribe acts as record keeper for the Alliance. It is the responsibility of the Scribe to see that all ZA Members (and Associates where applicable) are aware of the time and place of Alliance meetings. It is also the responsibility of the Scribe to keep a record of the meetings of the Zetetic Alliance and all information pertaining to the ZA. This record is to be made available to any ZA Member within 48 hours of when the request is made.

Election: Both offices are filled by a volunteer from among ZA Members. If more than one person volunteers for an offices they may flip a coin or roll a die to determine between them. In the case of the Scribes both or all parties may fill this position with one person being held responsible for ensuring that the duties of the Scribe are carried out. A single individual may hold both positions at one time. The term of each position is one year and new volunteers are chosen when the position of AX Curator changes hands. The same single individual will not serve a consecutive term unless there are no other volunteers for that office.


The Zetetic Alliance strives toward Individual Autonomization through Triumph over the Great Enemy "Self" and through Veneration of the Great Deity "Self." We strive for and support the many forms of Accessing and Offering Information and we invite and pursue the relentless Exchange of Ideas. Obiectives not to be lost along the way are World Dominion, Fun and Frolic, Dinner and Dancing, and Immanentization of the Eschaton.


Totem Creature: The totem creature of the Zetetic Alliance is called a Worbt (female) or Worb (male). It has the face of a wolf (male) or of a Tasmanian wolf (female), which gives it a firm and sharp biting grip. It is able to hold onto things for long periods of time and to cut through thick substances easily. It has the wings of a raven, giving it the strength and nobility of flight. Its forepaws are those of the otter, giving it energy and allowing for strong maneuverability and swimmability and making it capable of moving easily through the pressure of water. The claws of the badger extend either from its forepaws (female) or from the tips of its wings (male). These claws make it capable both of inflicting a mean wound and of digging a protective burrow.

The qualities of the Worb(t) thus far are as follows: strength, nobility, freedom, endurance, the ability to cut through obstacles, energy, maneuverability, swift movement despite pressure, attacking ability, the ability to protect itself, and the ability to dig a burrow. It is very carnivorous and predatory (you don't want to meet it in a dark alley without Worb(t)y biscuits).

The Worb(t) was created via each Member of the Zetetic Alliance choosing a specific part of a creature as representative of an attribute of that creature which the Member identifies with or wishes to adopt. These parts were then put together to create the Worb(t). This creature will grow as more people add to it and its description change accordingly.

Totem Objects: Members of the Zetetic Alliance carry a small totem object near them at all times. The purpose of this obiect is to symoolize the unity within the Alliance and to keep a link between members; it may also serve as a magical communication device. Each Member brings their token to each meeting of the ZA. The identity of this token does not remain static, but changes whenever someone feels the time is ripe. The new token is drawn randomly from among suggestions proffered by members and its identity is issued to the AX curators.


The ZAfesto may be amended at any time by a two third majority vote among Members. It is to be reviewed each time a new Member arrives and when the Curators of the AX change.


We have but one mystery: the meaning of our name.

Contact: Zetetic Alliance
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