A Revel Rite


Zozobra, who's Spanish name means "worry", is the high priest of Gloom. Zozobra is sacrificed that Revellers may have Fun.

Materials needed:

Materials that can be used to construct a body of Zozobra that will be about life size of larger. Suggested materials are 2"x 4" boards and a thicker body of branches, twigs and hay held in with clothes and paper tape. If Zozobra has a face it should be painted to look very serious. A white face with simple black eyes and a large black frown look pretty good on Zozobra also. Every participant need have some sort of noise maker.

The Rite:

0. "It Is our will to Banish Zozobra in the name of Almighty Fun"

1. Walk counterclock around Zozobra while speaking concerns and worries and anxieties at Zozobra and just having NO FUN.

2. Main Magi lights Zozobra and all run and dance around clockways chanting "No More Zozobra" and laughing and having FUN, FUN, FUN

3. When Zozobra is Burned participants scream a final cheer of "VIVE LE REVEL, FUN FOREVER"


If this Rite can not be done in a place where Fire is an option, The Zozobra could be broken apart instead of being burned , but you probably already know that there really are no rules in this game we are playing, didn't you?

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