Helpful Sites

Medical Sites & Associations
Endometriosis Research Center - dedicated to learning more about endo and educating the public.  The ERC has a support group at eGroups.
WebMD - article describing endo, its causes and treatments - a whole section dedicated to endometriosis including an Endo Quilt
Health Square - Article titled "Keeping Endometriosis at Bay"
MedicineNet - articles and question forum with responses from physicians
RxList: The Internet Drug Index - lists generic names, side-effects, etc.  Excellent reference site.
Endometriosis FAQ - answers your questions
Center for Endometriosis Care - Home to Drs. Albee & Lyons, experts in endometriosis treatment
Dr. Cook's Endometriosis & Pelvic Pain Information Center - another doctor in the field
St. Charles Medical Center - home to Dr. David Redwine, also an expert,  located in Bend, OR
Infertility Information from INCIID - info on fertility, infertility - includes fact sheets and a "doctorfinder"
HealthlinkUSA - Links to sites focusing on a wide range of conditions and diseases
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People Helping People
WITSENDO - mailing list support group (I've found these women to be absolutely wonderful and loving)
To subscribe, send mail to  Do not include a subject, but in the body of the message write: subscribe WITSENDO [your first name] [your last name].  Make sure you put in your own name and do not include the brackets.
eGroups - eGroups hosts several endometriosis support group mailing lists (including MENDO).  Just do a search on endometriosis.
MENDO - support for the men in our lives from a loving and supportive husband
Endometriosis Association - Founded by women with endo, working towards a cure.  The Association has many support groups around the world and publishes helpful articles as well as a must-have book, The Endometriosis Sourcebook.
Endometriosis Association Houston Support Group - a branch of the EA, contains several helpful articles
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Help for those with Adenomyosis
What is adenomyosis?  It's similar to endometriosis except that the endometrial tissue begins to develop within the muscle wall of the uterus rather than outside of the uterus.  Only a biopsy of the uterus can provide a positive diagnosis of adenomyosis and this can only be obtained through a hysterectomy.  Symptoms are very similar to those of endometriosis.
Alternatives to Hysterectomy - article by Dr. Michael Toaff describing adenomyosis & treatment
Hystersisters - Support group for those who have had or are facing a hysterectomy
Hystercity - Another support group with an informative website and two eGroups mailing list.  I reccomend this one especially.  If you join, say "Hi" to my mom, Mary, who's the assistant list manager.
Adenomyosis Sufferers - links to information and hosts a message board support group 

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