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For the way you need to communicate, now

We know how it is...

There is little room for glamour in communications today. Funds are tight for communications projects, even those that used to be routine. And yet, communicating with consumers, the public, your employees, has never been more important.

EvB Communications connects

Our philosophy is simple: you pay for what you want. No marble-floor reception rooms, no "account" executives." You work one-to-one with the creative people at EvB Communications.

EvB Communications offers you agency-quality work at independent contractor prices.

In this day of modems and fax machines -- we can respond to contract work around the world in the flick of an electron.

From editing to e-mail

EvB Communications provides expert communication skills in whatever format you need. A simple document edited? Done. An electronic newsletter created, written and distributed to your network of employees or clients? We'll do it.

Advertising that sells, direct mail that connects, publications that get results.

What we do - writing, editing and research for:

Who we are

EvB Communications was founded by a group of expert communicators. Our success is based on producing top quality, professional products for the best price. We have been writing, editing and researching since 1978.

You always work with an experienced, qualified professional -- no juniors, no invisible subcontractors.

Our associate services include:

Ask us about on-demand printing.


Edwinna von Baeyer

EvB Communications

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