Lac Notre-Dame

My freeware software

SaveScreenHack 1.1 (Updated)

    Version 1.1 includes a version that saves the screen image in Scribble 2.3 format, allowing you to annotate an image and access to a text cut/paste facility.

    This application is a PalmPilot HACK that captures the screen and saves it into its own ImageViewer database or appends it to the Scribble 2.3 database.  I wrote it so that I could keep note of URLs that were not loaded under AvantGo/InfoRover.  The ImageViewer version handles 2-bit grayscale screens.  Built using CW5P1.  Tested on PalmOS 3.0.  Source available here.

Rogue 1.00A

    This is a Rogue 5.3 clone port to the PalmPilot.  It is still under development  and has only been tested under the PalmOS 2.0 emulator.  Source code included.  For a  much better (and more stable version), check TAKEBAYASHI Tomoaki’s version.  Uses GCC.


Content To Go (AvantGo/InfoRover)

Canadian Channels

    This link is for users of AvantGo’s offline web browser.  It provides start pages for news information from CANOE and Canada.Com.  Set AvantGo to a depth of 1, allow external links, don’t load images, and limit to 150K.

ZDNN Channels

    This link is for users of AvantGo’s offline web browser.  This start page groups all of the ZDNN palm-compatible pages in one convenient access page.  Set the channel to a depth of 3, allow external links, load images and limit to 100K.


Sites of Interests

Roguelike News:   The reference site if you are interested in roguelike game development.

Roguelike Games Home Page: The central site on the roguelike family of games.

Land-J GCC Win32 Pilot SDK:  The pilot SDK that I use for some of my applications.

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