Canada's Community Oriented Net

Trans-Canada Network -------- Host and Hub Responsibilities

The role of TCNet's Hosts (NC's) and Hubs are as follows:

Network Hosts (NC's) and Hubs will be chosen for each region and area within TCNet. They are the life line of the network in that they ensure that the mail flows back and forth through-out all the places that TCNet reaches. Without them, the network would cease to exist.

Responsibilities and Duties for Both Hosts and Hubs

a. Enforce all TCNet guidelines and rules for your respective realm of responsibility.

b. Ensure acceptable levels of mail polling and feeding occurs to ensure satisfactory mail flow and contact between yourself and your uplinks and downlinks.

c. Quickly contact, and connect any new downlinks assigned to you (should not be more than 3 or 4 days unless there is a problem connecting them or other unexpected circumstances arise, in which case the TCNet administration should be informed).

d. Ensure that nodelists and information packets (TCNPACK) are passed onto your downlinks when received from your uplinks.

e. Make the TCNet administration and/or uplinks aware of any problems that may be occurring with your downlinks (ie. node is down and/or shutting down, not connectable, cross-linking echos from another networks, problems connecting new nodes, etc.)

f. Help new boards and existing downlinks, within reason, to the best of your abilities.

Responsibilities and Duties for Hosts

a. Represent TCNet in your region.

b. Connect to the I_Admin echo.

c. Develop the region to the best of your abilities.

d. Have the information package (TCNPACK.ZIP) freqable from your system using the magic name of 'TCNPACK'. (Please identify the node address (fido preferable) that is to be used for the freq request)

e. Pass all network applications you may receive up to the TCNet administration at 201:935/2. Ensure that ALL aspects of the application are properly filled out (including the administration account) so that it can be used to enter the new member board into the nodelist.

f. Node number assignment may be done by the Host (if you choose to do so). Please make sure that the regional set-up is taken into account when assigning nodes and include the node number and Hub number in the application form prior to sending it to the TCNet administration. You may also modify your local copy of the nodelist to incorporate the new member for the purpose of speeding up their inclusion. The new member entry will be incorporated into the master nodelist either as part of the weekly nodelist release, or special release nodelist.

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For more information contact Tom Wolff, or any of the regional directors, and use the magic word "TCNPACK" to file request our Information Package.

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