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I have 2000TH case codes,DID YOU KNOW?? column...and check out what I have available: treasure hunts... limited editions...97,98,99,2000 first editions... series cars....johnny lightnings....and more. First editions $1 +up....2000FEs #1-11,13 available. Also many virtual collection cars and Nascar Scooters. I do trades too. 04/30/00-03

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??? Die Cast Vehicles: INFO WANTED ???

Need Help
Hi, I am not a collector of Hot Wheels, but I have ran across a 1982 Cobra Hot Wheel, that is enclosed in a plastic box (with orange and silver top), in the shape of a license plate. If any one has any information and or price of this car, please notify me. Any information would be greatly appreciated. 06/10/00-03
Canada! Toronto Collectors
Does anyone know where to find nascar diecast in the Toronto area 1/24 and 1/64 scale thanks 06/02/00-01

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<<< Die Cast Vehicles: WANTED >>>

Canada! Woo! ORANGE, Mustang Mach 1 FE, in Canadian packaging  NEW!
I need the ORANGE, Mustang Mach 1 FE, Dodge Ram 1500 FE and the Excavator FE, in mint Canadian packaging. 07/03/00-01
USA #99 1999 Chevy Tahoe Matchbox  NEW!
Looking for two of the 1999 #99 of 100 Chevy Tahoe Matchbox models 06/24/00-01
Uncle Sam Wanted 30th anniversary caddy  NEW!
Looking for a 30th anniversary caddy to complete my
collection. contact me if you have one for sale,or if you know somewhere I might try. 06/19/00-01
Canada I need Boothill Express
Hi. I am currently looking for the Boothill Express diecast car from Johnny Lightning Frightning Lightning. The car must be 1/64 scale and in good condition. The price should be fairly reasonable. I will pay up to 12 dollars for it. Thanks. 06/17/00-01
as follows + others that I may have missed:
Navy Seals.
JC Whitney Red/White.
Black with orange flames.
Fish-o-saurs - Van de Kamp
Blue Angels.
Yellow #13
HIgh Rise Express - Malleco Tower Cranes
United States Army
30th. Anniv Logo - Interactive.
.com Hotwheels - Black - Orange White.
Please let me know if we can start become good buddies Internationally and this way add a lot of fun to our living days + starting to lay the foundation to a great future for both of us., Will ship immediatelly to Positive Feedback People. Always looking for good international trades with International People from the World like I said. 06/15/00-01

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