Confederation Square - Start and End of the Beaux-Arts Tour

Confederation Square with the ten major buildings surrounding it is a National Historic Site. The Chateau Laurier Hotel is also a National Historic Site in its own right. The former Union Station, now the Government Conference Centre, where the tour starts is a Classified Federal Heritage Building.

former Union Station, now Government Conference Centre, 2 Rideau Street, at the Canal (map 1)
Ross & MacFarlane, 1908-1911 III

Transportation Building, 10 Rideau Street, at Colonel By Drive (map 2)
John Albert Ewart, 1916 I
Fairmont Chateau Laurier Hotel, 1 Rideau Street, at the Canal (map 3)
Ross & MacFarlane, designer D.M. Gordon, 1908-1912 II

Lord Elgin Hotel. 100 Elgin Street, between Slater and Laurier (map 4)
Ross & Macdonald, 1941 I
National War Memorial, Confederation Square (map 5)
Sculpture - Vernon March Family, Layout -
Jacques Gréber , 1926-1939 III
Central Post Office, 47-59 Sparts Street, at Elgin (map 6)
W.E. Noffke, 1937-1939 II

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Statue of Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Parliament Hill southeast corner (map W)

This is the last stop. See a few additional buildings not on the tour, or go back to the overview.